Pramil Sildenafil Review:  Generic Answer to Erectile Dysfunction Patients’ Concerns

Brand: Pramil Sildenafil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Novophar

Country of Manufacture: Uruguay

Pramil Sildenafil Package Image

Review and Description

Pramil Sildenafil is an alternative treatment for Viagra. It is available in drug stores and pharmacies and helps men with erectile dysfunction to regain active sexual lives. It is of utmost importance that patients always seek professional medical advice first before buying this drug. The drug is manufactured by Novophar which is an acclaimed pharmaceutical company that specializes in generic drugs and. The company has a global presence, supplying industry- leading medications. It is more than just a logo as it delivers all promises to its stakeholders. For many years, Novopharm has been a part of a global company that serves different countries, and whose prescriptions are dispensed over billions of people across the board every year.

Pramil Sildenafil shares the same main ingredient in Viagra, i.e., Sildenafil Citrate, and thus the functions of these two products are synonymous. It works as a penis muscle relaxer thereby triggering blood influx into the penis. This is how it stimulates a satisfactory erection and for a longer period. When compared to Viagra, Pramil is more body-friendly unless used in excess and the good news is that it is relatively cheap. Its impacts are only realized in the physical body of a man who desires to enjoy the optimal sexual experience. Any man who needs to last long in bed with her woman should take this drug. The remedy has brought a significant boost in the quality of many men’s lives. However, men with cardiovascular problems cannot take it as it can harm their hearts. That is the reason why it is important to seek doctor’s help first. Other people who cannot have the drug are those who are allergic to Sildenafil or any related medicine as well as anyone who is taking nitrate tablets, illicit drugs, sublingual drugs, or ointments.

Customer Reviews

As far as affordability goes, Pramil sildenafil is on the top list. Customer reviews are not yet available online, but its rating can be associated with the high sales that Novopharm records every year. After many years of steady growth, Novopharm has opened numerous facilities to facilitate distribution of high-end and affordable pharmaceuticals which play a vital role in the global supply chain. Other than Pramil, there are many drugs, but its price counts the most. Customers must be careful not to buy counterfeit Pramil which is very dangerous.

Pricing and Dosage

Pramil Sildenafil comes in tablets with affordable prices. The tablets can be in 20mg, 50mg, or 100mg.  As seen above 50mg, which is equivalent to 20 tablets, cost USD19.41. Thus, a single tablet is roughly USD0.97.

Viagra, even though it is more popular, is an expensive drug

Viagra, even though it is more popular, is an expensive drug. A 50mg sachet can be as high as USD69.7. Since Sildenafil has been proven as effective by many, it is the best option in the market.

It should be noted that the dosage (50mg) must only be prescribed by a medical practitioner who can determine how much the man’s body requires. The best time to take pramil is an hour before sex. Anywhere between 4 hours and half an hour before intercourse is okay. No alcohol should be taken as it can reduce the efficacy of the drug. Some men can take two tablets altogether but 24 hours must pass before taking another dose. Sildenafil can be taken with or without a meal.

How to Buy Pramil Sildenafil Online

The side effects of Pramil are very intense, and so it’s important to buy the drug from a certified agency or drug store for safety. The drug is not yet available for international shipping, but it is available in many pharmaceutical stores. The average cost of a single tablet is only USD 0.97. This is one of the most attractive prices in the market of impotence drugs meaning that the Novopharm is a company that cares for its potential clients. Since the drug is readily available in many online stores, there is no reason for any man to suffer erectile dysfunction.

How to Use

Pramil Sildenafil must not be confused with other drugs that contain sildenafil acetate. Its mode of use is different. A single tablet should be taken an hour before engaging in sexual activity. The penis can stay erect for 2 continuous hours. However, the effects of the drug on the body may continue for up to 10 hours whereby multiple erections can be achieved. Too much of the drug is detrimental as it can cause severe side effects. Apart from the typical tablet men take with water, a chewable version is available, and it has an instant effect in that it starts working 5 -10 minutes after chewing. It is also stronger and can last for more than 15 hours.

Side Effects

Even if Pramil is better than Viagra, its side effects diminish faster in most men. The most common are as follows:

  • Mild dizziness
  • Nasal congestion
  • Headache
  • Slight sight disturbance
  • Facial flushing

If other effects apart from these are noted, it means that the drug is not okay and a doctor’s help should be consulted. Adverse effects that should call for medical attention are a sudden pain, eye irritation and illumination, nausea and severe vomiting. No woman should take the drug or anyone below 18 years of age. Also, men with liver, heart, and kidney issues must not take it.

Conclusion with Rating

There is no doubt that Pramil came to compete with Viagra thanks to new technology. Apart from selling at a low price, this generic drug surpasses the effectiveness of Viagra which was the very first drug manufactures for erectile dysfunction.

With no doubt, this product is hitting the airwaves with a thud, and more and more men are using it. This can be attributed to the trust that customers have on Novopharm since it always offers the best generic pharmaceutical products. Its credibility is superb and deserves a 5-star rating.

Anyone who wants Pramil Sildenafil must seek advice from a qualified pharmacist or doctor. It is advisable to share the intentions with a doctor to have a safer sexual adventure. A user needs to understand that excess Pramil does not boost the effects and may take longer to happen. Men are advised to understand its side effects. It is also important that the users of this product take it responsibly because it relates to life quality even though it is not a necessity. It only enhances a man’s sexual life only if taken the right way. It promises longer sex enjoyment for a fraction of a cost.

Doctor Marcelo Perez del Carpio